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1 on 1 Certification


Our clinics are designed to expand the knowledge of both coaches and athletes so that they can achieve the most from PWRx programming. All of our clinics and certification are available through our S&C packages or individually.

Some of our clinic topics include:

  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Strength Programming
  • Speed/Running
  • Mobility/Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Return to Play
  • Coaching Cues and Corrections
  • Sports Psychology

Clinics or certifications may include presentation style and/or practical
components. The practical components are to ensure understanding of more complex topics presented during the presentations.

We also partner with college/professional athletes and professors that help deliver in depth discussions on topics that fit their area of expertise. We give options to present to coaches and/or athletes. We offer options from specific team camps to continuing education for coaches. We personalize these clinics based on needs from each individual school’s coaching staff and administration.

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