Barbell Club

What is a Barbell Club?

Your school can be a
pioneer in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting

Give athletes the opportunity to compete at a national level or higher

Offer a club sport that students can take with them past their years in high school

Potentially get sponsors and equipment for your school team

Have the opportunity to host a sanctioned meet at your school

How is it run?

Barbell Club is run similarly
to any other club or team
at your school

Students interested would
pay dues (or be sponsored)
in order to participate

Some teams meet during a set weightlifting class time and others meet after school

A teacher or coach would be the club sponsor, but we would provide programming

What is the cost?

While not necessary, athletes might want to purchase lifting shoes and a belt

If athletes choose to 
compete, they would need a singlet and a way to travel

There are meet fees as well as USAW fees in order to register as a junior weightlifter


Club fees are $250/athlete per semester, which includes programming, clinics, gym drop ins, and remote coaching feedback


We never want the inability to pay to stand in the way of athlete participation

PWRx Performance has partnered with businesses willing to sponsor athletes
and meets

Each school has the option to procure their own sponsors if
they have those
resources available

Sponsorships range from $1000-$5000/yr. There is also an option to sponser an individual athlete for $500/yr

Schools may benefit from equipment donations and prizes

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